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Intelligent Spinning Mode

To lead the group to further implement the "intelligent, lean support strategic projects, around a center, two strategies, three project, improve the company profitability focused waste areas further training staff three now, training site support service consciousness, forming cross functional teamwork atmosphere, training staff to identify problems and solve the ability of the problem, the fourth phase of the company" Ono Chi circle ", in the afternoon of March 9, 2017 to carry out intelligent spinning.

The event jointly organized by the Department of intelligent and intelligent spinning, spinning company manager Zhao Ming led the management personnel to participate in the event of problems found 98, and is now in 14 and improve the problem of the 14 issues were discussed in depth, warm atmosphere, and achieved good results. Through a circle of Daye resistance training activities of local managers and is now found the problem solving skills, improve the enthusiasm of the staff involved in the improvement of the.